Anty…Part of the Industrial Revolution

Family owned business since 1933, Anty Trucking & Rigging has been providing its customers superior service with the highest level of integrtity.  We are a company that has been greatly instrumental in the growth and evolution of local, national & international industries, yet we are looking ahead to our place in the twenty-first century.  Long gone are the days of hauling coal and servicing the textile mills of Paterson, NJ.

Today, Anty Trucking & Rigging, with our state of the art facility and equipment, is a company that is as equally rich in history as it is in resourcefulness.  At Anty, we know how to be innovative when met with tough challenges.  We use proven processes where they apply and invent new solutions where none exist, and our excellent safety records are just a few of the many reasons why 99% of our work comes from repeat business.